How Can I Train My Employees To Keep My Business Safe From Pathogens?

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Some businesses are forced to stay open during the COVID-19 pandemic.  As such they have a greater responsibility to help prevent the spread of the virus as they come into contact with many different people on a regular basis.  But in order to successfully help stop the spread, many businesses have had to implement training methods to ensure their employees understand proper conduct.

Share Informative Materials

Whether it’s packets distributed from the corporate office or information directly from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), have materials that your employees can read, review, and reference.  Go over the material with everyone at least once to make sure they’ve read and understand it.  This could include instructions for proper hand washing and the correct way to put on a mask.  Explain what different labels mean and terms they should know about the sanitizing products you use in your business.


Chances are good that you’ve had to begin using a disinfectant regularly on high contact surfaces such as countertops, cash registers, and keyboards.  Some products are more suited for a specific area than others, and some are particularly hard to clean no matter what you’re using.  Instead of telling your employees how to clean certain spaces, how to safely handle high strength cleaning products, and which cleaning products can cause damage if used on the wrong surface, show them the proper way.

Provide Personal Protective Equipment

Knowing is only half the battle.  If you aren’t providing personal protective equipment for your employees, then it won’t matter how well they understand COVID-19 and how it spreads.  Different businesses will have slightly different needs in terms of the types of PPO needed; retail workers who are inside all day won’t require UV-protective eyewear like construction workers who work outside.  But at the bare minimum you should provide masks and gloves, regardless of the nature of your business.  Even if wearing gloves isn’t always necessary, it’s still important to have them for handling chemical solutions such as disinfectant wipes. .

Use High Quality Cleaning Products

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