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Guidelines set by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) state that frequent cleaning of the hands is essential to preventing the transmission of bacteria and viruses like COVID-19. You may be wondering how and when to use hand sanitizer spray or liquid. 

While soap and water are the best way to clean one’s hands, sanitizer spray, hydrogen peroxide based sanitizers, and other hand sanitizer products may be used to disinfect the hands until they can be washed. Sanitizer spray, hydrogen peroxide based sanitizers, and other hand sanitizer products are perfect for hospital staff, restaurant workers, and others to use for a quick sanitization when soap and water are not immediately available.

If you’re looking for sanitizer spray, 1 gallon hand sanitizer, or 24 hour sanitizer, Bio Defenders has a range of these products in our online store. You can even purchase bulk 1 gallon hand sanitizer to make your purchase more affordable.

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Skinguard Hand Sanitizer Products

1 gallon hand sanitizer
One potential issue with traditional hand sanitizer spray and liquid products is that they only protect your hands from viruses and bacteria while they are still wet. Once the sanitizer spray dries, it no longer provides any protective value and any new germs will need to be washed off or killed with additional applications of hand sanitizer spray. Skinguard believes they have solved this problem with their Skinguard 24 hand sanitizer.

Skinguard 24 comes as a 1 gallon hand sanitizer, as well as in smaller sizes, and is designed to continue protecting your hands even after the product has dried and can provide continuous protection for up to 24 hours. Skinguard 24 can even remain on your hands for ten washings. Bio Defenders carries Skinguard 24 hand sanitizer in both sanitizer spray and gel forms. You can purchase these Skinguard 24 products in either 3 or 6 packs for the best value. We also stock Skinguard 24 foaming sanitizer in 1 gallon hand sanitizer size.

Skinguard’s 24 hour sanitizer is the latest tool in the fight against bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microbes, and you can get the best Skinguard 24 hand sanitizer prices right here at Bio Defenders.

Best Pumps & Sanitizer Sprays

24 hour sanitizer
Hand sanitizer is most commonly applied as a sanitizer spray or liquid gel. In terms of protective value, hand sanitizer spray and gel provide the same level of protection. Skinguard 24 is a 24 hour sanitizer that can protect your hands longer than traditional sanitizer spray, and can be purchased in both gel and hand sanitizer spray form. You can also buy 1 gallon hand sanitizer as a traditional gel or as a foaming 24 hour sanitizer.

Browse the Bio Defenders online store for all your sanitizer needs, whether you’re searching for bulk 1 gallon hand sanitizer, 24 hour sanitizer, or hydrogen peroxide based sanitizers. We are a trusted source of sanitizer products and PPE for individuals, companies large and small, law enforcement agencies, and more. We can help you comply with CDC guidelines and create a safe and healthy environment for everyone around you.