What Businesses Need Personal Protective Equipment?

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No occupation is without some form of risk, but certain jobs can pose a greater threat to health and safety than others.  Oftentimes employers will provide extra equipment to prevent accidents and injury, and there are instances in which they’re legally obligated to as per the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).  And now more than ever it’s important that businesses work harder to protect their employees, which protects patients, customers, and clients in the process.

Medical Facilities

Hospitals and clinics, by their nature, already work hard to prevent the spread of anything that their patients might be carrying, both to themselves and other patients.  Doctors, nurses, and dentists are constantly putting on new pairs of gloves, gowns, and scrub hats.  Many, but not all, are expected to use protective eyewear as well.  This has since changed due to COVID-19, however. 


Retailers encounter the most amount of customers and clients daily.  This high volume and frequent interactions with multiple people makes it a necessity for retail staff to wear different kinds of personal protective equipment.  Workers handling a cash register, for example, are generally wearing gloves because of how often they handle cash.  Clothing retailers need to cover their eyes, skin, and face when using sanitizing chemicals in dressing rooms. 

Everyone Can Benefit

It is more important for some than others to use PPE, doing so even when not required by law is critically important right now.  That’s why we at Bio-Defenders not only carry PPE but sanitizing products that can be used by anyone.  We have 1-gallon hand sanitizer meant for refillable dispensers, and packs of personal hand sanitizer.  But rather than give you packs of thick, messy hand sanitizer we instead carry sanitizer spray for your convenience.  Visit our online catalog to see how we can help you keep your business safe for everyone.